We are proud to carry Jamis, Nirve, and Strider Bikes. We carry beach cruisers that are single, three, and seven speed. People have different needs and when it comes to comfort, these bikes deliver. Looking for a quality road bike? We have you covered! We take pride fitting you properly to your bike. Once your bike is attached to one of our “smart” trainers, we have fitting tools to maximize your comfort and efficiency on your bike. Using “Zwift”, we can see you ride and teach you about cadence, power, and gear shifting.

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   "Since 1999, our goal has been to uncomplicate cycling and rollback rampant technology, to build clean and classic bikes designed specifically to make riding easy and comfortable. With a sense of style and fashion-forward sensibility guaranteed to turn heads and attract attention. Because we believe there’s no better way to get people on bikes than to make bikes they can’t help but look at and love. Ride in comfort. Ride with confidence. Ride with style. Ride a bike you love. That’s Nirve."


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   "At Strider, we love riding bikes and we love inspiring kids to ride. Our mission is to build lightweight, efficient, all-terrain bikes that build two-wheeled balance, coordination, and confidence in children. Strider Balance Bikes are the result of 10 years of development, manufacturing improvements, riding, observation, testing, and even racing. When you purchase a Strider, you buy into the 'club' that is Team Strider; you become one of the early adopters that are changing the paradigm of how kids learn to ride and setting the new standard for how young children explore the world on two wheels."

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Classic Strider
Classic Strider
Classic Strider

The bicycle is a marvelous invention, with an impact that is almost completely, one hundred percent positive. For individuals (exercise!) as well as for the environment (reduced carbon footprint). A bike is one of the world’s most powerful instruments for change. We know because cycling forever changed our lives, and we’ve seen it change the lives of so many others. That’s why we want to make cycling converts out of everyone, and that’s why there’s a Jamis for nearly every cycling arena, for almost any rider.​

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