March 5, 2019

It's about 6 am at the time of writing today's blog.  I have a routine and it is quite simple.  I wake up around 5:30 am, turn my Keurig coffee maker on, and activate my Nespresso machine. 

After feeding our dog Cayde, I get to the computer and start working o...

January 19, 2019

Riding your bike can help you with your mind, body, and yes your skin! Improved circulation can help you  sweat and biking is one of the best exercises you can do to get sexy, glowing skin.When you bike, the tiny arteries in your skin will open up, which allows more bl...

January 13, 2019

Ask any nutritionist what are some of the best foods you can eat, and most likely you will hear the vegetable "Broccoli" mentioned. 

Ask any health counsolor or family doctor what forms of exercise can boost your health and help you look and feel great, and you may very...

January 8, 2019

Break Free - The Inner Athlete Never Leaves

I saw a link this morning that my buddy Eric Min shared on Facebook.  His post read, "This is pretty good!"

It was regarding a commercial that a cinematographer made to pitch to the gigantic athletic company "Adidas".  This inc...

January 6, 2019

It was early evening when my buddy Auggie and I were hanging out on his lanai.  I had just opened PK's Bike Shop and it was another evening of chatting and having a couple brewski's. We got to talking about what types of bikes PK's should carry, and that was when he li...

January 4, 2019

We all know that riding your bike can make an impact on getting that waistline down, but when you are looking at your belly and pinching, there are two different types of fats that you are looking at. Visceral Fat and Subcutaneous Fat.

Visceral fat is sometimes referred...

December 30, 2018

With the new year coming upon us, I felt like writing a blog that emphasises the importance of weekly exercise.  Personally, I exercise a minimum of 5 times per week.   The length of each workout is 20 mins and up to 2 hours. As you can guess it, I ride my bike....

June 28, 2018

Often we think business isn’t, but sometimes it should be! And if you are investing in a bike purchase, you want it to be the right fit for you.  PK’s bike shop gives you a personal experience, where you can get a feel for the tangible bikes, gear, and advice to boot.


June 26, 2018

Wonder why cyclists love coffee?

Here's why coffee and cycling are a pair worth adoring:

  1. Gives you a pit stop along the way.

    A break can truly save your long ride because even if the first half was not great, the second half can redeem your whole ride.

  2. Communi...

June 21, 2018

Remember back in grade school when gym class was mandatory?

Some loved it. Some…not so much. What you probably didn’t know was that it was incorporated into your schedule in order for you to focus better in class.

When you ride your bike, you’re not only gaining physical...

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