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My Favorite Bike Loop and Why

I've been riding my bike for as long as I can remember. From a little kid with his BMX bike and his paper route, to committed bike racing professional, and now a 50 year old dude, who rides his bike because he loves it and knows the great, great value in doing so.

I ride my bike about 6 days a week. Rides are generally 30 to 90 mins in length.

MANY of these rides are inside I will admit. But with the set up I have inside, it's makes it so much FUN and effective! This is important because many times it may be raining out and very windy (we live in Florida), or I may have to watch the kiddo's. The bottom line is this...

Indoors or Out, I am going to ride my bicycle!

So back to the title of this blog...My Favorite Loop is a loop outside my house in Yulee, FL. Very often I need to stay near my house because of the kids, and I like to ride in very little or no traffic.

In addition to, I am a numbers guy. I like the fact that is exactly 2 miles in length. I like the fact that it has a measurable segment on it that is called "Hammering Haven". And I like the fact that I generally burn about 100 calories per loop.

This is a Strava segment that if you have a smart phone with the free Strava App or a GPS cycling computer, you can measure your time against yourself, and against all the people that have ridden this segment.

Very often I will leave early in the morning, just when the sun is coming up, and it is a bit cooler. Other times, I will go in the mid afternoon if I want to do what I called "Bikram Biking"!

The loop is generally flat, with a slight uphill on the back side, and I slight down hill as you make your way back to the starting point on Lents and Kipling.

The main point of this blog is no matter where you are, you can map out a nice loop to do that is hopefully safe and measurable all in the same time.

Biking is such a great way to burn calories, burn fat, and get some Vitamin D from the Sun!

If you can find a route that has little traffic you will not only be safer, but will enjoy the sights and sounds that nature has to offer in a very low impact way of exercising.

FITNESS TIP: Try to exercise 30 mins each day and burn 350 calories. This will help you manage calories in and calories out.

It's a major plus if you can pick times of the day when the traffic is minimum and if you can find smooth roads to ride on. Bumpy roads will increase the friction of your tires hitting the pavement and can cause more flats at times.


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