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Safety is Important - My First Ride with the Garmin Varia - a cycling light, that acts as a radar!

Good morning! I love Sunday's and I am really looking forward to this one! I just unboxed and installed a new light that I received from Garmin called, the Garmin Varia.

I am a BIG believer in mounting rear lights on bikes to alert riders that you are in front of them. Anything that can signal to drivers that there is a human riding a bike in front of them and to be cautious is a good thing!

So, when I saw that this 60 lumen light also had a RADAR that alert you when cars are coming from behind (indicator flashes once cars are 150 yards behind), I wanted to try it.

Here is a pic of the ride that I did this morning.

One of the main roads is Chester Rd. It has NO shoulder in some parts and it was great getting notified when the cars were coming.

As they say Knowledge is Power!

I use the Garmin Edge 830. and it pairs nicely with this. If you do not have a Garmin GPS cycling computer, there is a free app on your phone that you can use with this.

I have the heart monitor, cadence sensor, and now the Varia all paired nicely. I am so very happy with this bundle.

The blue tooth features of all the accessories makes it very easy to pair with the phone and devices.

So the bottom line is, if you plan on riding pretty often, it doesn't hurt to get a rear light that blinks red. Safety is something that is very important to us at PK's Bike Shop, and this new product is something we love to promote. Yes, it is an investment, but if you love toys, and you'd like to up your SAFETY game, this product is for YOU!

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