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Thank You for Visiting our New Website!


First of all I would like to thank each and every customer of PK's Bike Shop. Since 2013, we have serviced and sold many bikes, both new and used.

I have met so many great people, and it has been an unbelievable experience for me and my kids.

We certainly are not getting rich at PK's, but we thoroughly enjoy running the shop, and helping out the entire community.

With the construction happening around the shop, it but a dampener on riding in the Yulee area. However, there are plans for real bike paths to happen on A1A and on Page's Dairy in the very near future! And that means, once again, Yulee will be an awesome place to ride!

Amelia Concourse, North Hampton, Floral Park, and Amelia Walk are located around the bike shop, and are absolutely wonderful places to ride your bike! Once you cross A1A it turns into Chester Rd. Chester just got repaved and is very smooth and comfortable to ride on. If you travel down Chester you can go right on Heron Isles, and then head towards Blackrock Rd.

Take a left and venture into Pirate's Wood, or Rose's Bluff!

So, again, thank you! Bring your bike in for service if you need to. Ask us about bike fitting or getting fitness from bike riding...we are here to help YOU!


Paul Pisani

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