It's Never Been Easier Being Green

May 22, 2018



Cruise, dart, trail blaze…

However you choose to ride, Pk’s bike shop has the wheels to get you there. Bikes for beach living, road bikes that can keep up with your pace, technical trail bikes that can handle the tough terrain you’re dying to explore, and more.


Biking isn’t just for sport these days, every time you go out for a ride you are improving the health of the environment and all its inhabitants, including you, others, and wildlife. Not only are you going green by being active, you are also taking a present role in your life and being aware of the world around you. We’ve all witnessed the person texting and swerving down the road, and if you’re a biker, you already know how many drivers are just plain, not paying attention behind the wheel. The more people who come out from behind the glass into the world where you can feel the elements, the more conscious we can live as a unified people.


Connecting  with the external world seems to be increasingly difficult these day with technology acquiring a dominant role in all our lives, no matter what your age or profession is. And despite so many of our mediums being designed for us to connect, our culture seems more isolated than ever.


Biking acts as an antidote for all that time spent staring at a screen.  Riding with your family, friends or teammates… biking takes you places you can’t go in a car, and believe it or not, gives you more energy and enthusiasm for your day. It’s an all encompassing experience that tunes you into your body, sharpens your mind and improves your mood.  Swing your leg over and you’ve already won.


You’re actions make an impact. Why not make it count for the greater good while you’re having fun? Saving the planet, saving the people, saving the animals… anymore heroic and you’ll need a superhero outfit.

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