Choose Your Own Adventure

May 29, 2018

You traveled far and wide.

You experienced the dreaded experience of sitting next to a mouth breather on the airplane or endured your screaming child in the backseat, or simply survived the struggle of driving in traffic on the 95 interstate, all the while wondering…are we there yet?

Now you’ve arrived on Amelia Island. Now what?


Where do you explore?


If you are the explorer who likes to spot an array of wildlife, the greenway is for you. Natural trails that take you past cranes, turtles, alligators etc. (A little piece of unsolicited advice…remember you are in nature, not at the zoo. Don’t approach the alligators. No one will save you if you’re daft enough to be in their reach.) Lush and winding paths are great for adventurous bike rides, runs or walks. There are more trails intertwined in this small space than you may think so take a look at the maps posted throughout this course. Everything is very well marked, but this is a course that calls for you to pay attention.

Maybe you’re not in the mood for an Indiana Jones excursion and want a more low maintenance environment. If so, then beach is right for you, not to mention the best place to find relief on scorching summer days. There are a plethora of beach access zones all along S. Fletcher Ave. Run down the dunes, bring your bike and cruise the shoreline for a good time. The roar of the ocean is always a classic soundtrack for an escapade.


If you’re the open road type and are looking to go the distance, take your wheels and peddle down S. Fletcher Ave. over the bridges and past all the state parks. Better yet, detour in for some great paved bike trails and exceptional views. This is a great route if you’re a road biker and want to get some miles under your belt and want enough elbow room to get to your maximum speed.


If you’re feeling ambitious, or are just a healthy outdoor addict, you can connect these three routes for a various terrain endeavor. Be safe and have fun exploring Amelia Island.

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