Zwift Around the World

June 12, 2018

Race//  Ride Safe// See Instant Stats



For the active gamer, Zwift is an ideal outlet.  Just plug in a go. Escape the hassle of mom and/or dad nagging about where you’re going, being safe and Race all over the globe.

As if that we’re incentive enough… Zwift is a useful tool to track your personal stats and race with your peers... And since you don’t have to worry about becoming potential roadkill, you can distinguish where you’re riding strengths are and where you could improve.

The virtual world isn’t limited to real locations, there are countless fantasy worlds on Zwift that allow you to disconnect from stresses of reality while exploring something brand new with others.


Zwift is an equally beneficial resource for experienced riders and beginners. Experienced riders can customize their workouts for optimal training sessions and new riders can build technique and confidence, while escaping the summer heat.

Swing by the shop and give it a spin, you may find it’s a perfect circuit to channel your energy and find your power.

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