Ride your bike. Become a better driver.

June 15, 2018

Not that a bike is a car.

The big thing is awareness and reflexes. Ask anyone you know who bikes regularly on the road. You have to watch for everything and everyone who may not be watching out for you. The faster you ride, the more “on it” you have to be to avoid potential obstacles.

Drivers who are bikers, generally speaking, are more courteous of pedestrians and cyclists just through their nuances. Such as, driving in the lane verses on the shoulder of the road, and stopping at lights verses cruising through the pedestrian walkway or whipping a right turn without checking for the cyclist you may be about to cut off.

These nuances may seem like no big deal, but when you’re pedaling at 30+ mph, hitting the breaks isn’t as plausible as it sounds like in theory. Even if you’re cruising at 10 or 15mph… a bike vs. a car in a collision? It’s no contest who will win.


The major thing that separates cyclist drivers from your average driver is texting. Or rather, not texting, or doing any of the ten thousand things people believe they can multitask doing behind the wheel. Texting while driving truly is the no better than drunk driving.


Cyclists, especially ones who have almost been taken out by a preoccupied driver, don’t use their phone behind the wheel.

That in itself automatically makes you more keen to drive smart, anticipate the actions of other drivers, cruise at a smoother pace, break less and by proxy save on gas!  Cyclists tend to watch the people on the road and the signs/ lights, instead of solely relying on the lights to dictate their actions.

There is pretty well known animosity between cars and cyclist. The bottom line is people’s lives are vulnerable on the road. Whether you are a driver, cyclist, or pedestrian.  Too many people are killed on the road due to careless behavior. Sharing the road is a good place to start, but even more vital is looking out for each other by acknowledging everyone as a person first, instead of labeling people as cyclists, cars etc. as their primary identity

There’s no better time than now to take your bike out on the road and up your driving credibility.  

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