Ride Your Bike. Take On The World

June 21, 2018

Remember back in grade school when gym class was mandatory?

Some loved it. Some…not so much. What you probably didn’t know was that it was incorporated into your schedule in order for you to focus better in class.

When you ride your bike, you’re not only gaining physical strength, but you are also lighting up various areas of your brain that optimize its function. By the time you finish your ride, you’ll notice that your mind is sharp and alert, you take fuller and steadier breaths, even your eyesight is keener. This is because you are demanding your body and mind to work together while riding and if you are training particularly intensely, you are calling upon all of your mental and physical power physically to be a top notch team. And let’s not forget riding your bike also releases endorphins. The magic component, giving you more energy and positivity to take on your life, your work, and any obstacles the universe is about to hurl your way.

It’s a great exercise for any time of day, depending on your individual temperament. It can invigorate you or help you unwind. In any event, it is tuning you into your mind and body, getting you in rhythm with yourself and creating a more centered and happier you. What more could you want?


Think of it as clearing out your email inbox. Everything read, sent and responded to. No junk mail… yeah, it’s that good.

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