Cycling & Coffee

June 26, 2018

Wonder why cyclists love coffee?

Here's why coffee and cycling are a pair worth adoring:

  1. Gives you a pit stop along the way.

    A break can truly save your long ride because even if the first half was not great, the second half can redeem your whole ride.

  2. Community.

    Being social with your crew and making a whole day of spending time together, not just riding. Cycling is about community, and it’s important to nourish your cycling relationship with more than just the riding aspect.

  3. You get a snack.

    You likely will get a snack/ pastry to accompany your coffee beverage. Whether you’re a pastry type or just want a banana... fuel is part of the picture.



    Wind Drain.

    The wind can really drain you, especially if you don’t have a tolerance to it. Even when you do, it can zap your energy over time and you may need a jolt, pick me up... Espresso is the best kick.

  5. Makes you faster.

    Having a coffee right before you ride gives you energy which makes you push harder, ride faster and burn more calories.

  6. Cyclists know the best coffee shops around.

    Explore your local area and discover all the local coffee shops to find the best brew around. You'll know where to go for your next study session, take your friends, or your next date


    You're Welcome.

    Coffee shops love cyclists because they are travelers. They arrive happy and don’t stay too long.

  8. Coffees improves your mood.

    A great tool to not only give you're muscles a rest, but also to forget any aches you may be feeling. You'll be all smiles once you get a caffeine fix.

Drink up. Go ride.



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