It’s Personal… and that’s a good thing.

June 28, 2018


Often we think business isn’t, but sometimes it should be! And if you are investing in a bike purchase, you want it to be the right fit for you.  PK’s bike shop gives you a personal experience, where you can get a feel for the tangible bikes, gear, and advice to boot.


PK’s bike shop is a great resource for the community, because biking is a community based activity. If you stop in, you’re sure to get the experience you are looking for since the personalities within PK’s are so varied and multi-faceted. When you support PK’s local shop, you can be sure they will support you. It’s not just a product you’re buying, PK’s is all about a genuine experience where you can feel welcome, learn, have fun, and get what you need. Authentic experience and relationships are at the core of what is being given to you, not sold, when you shop at PK’s.

No matter how many pictures are provided online, a hands-on approach is the only way to really know if what you are about to buy is right for you, especially where bikes are concerned. Whether you take a ride around your neighborhood once a week, or bikes are your life passion, you’re niche has a place at PK’s.


Come in for a training session at the Zwift station, find out about local events and races, or local spots to explore on your bike... You will acquire valuable information about the products, and know you are getting a quality product, as well as tips about your bike, gear, etc…. Now that’s priceless.


 “Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.” –Anna Lappe

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