Why Riding the Bike is the Best For YOU!

December 30, 2018


With the new year coming upon us, I felt like writing a blog that emphasises the importance of weekly exercise.  Personally, I exercise a minimum of 5 times per week.   The length of each workout is 20 mins and up to 2 hours. As you can guess it, I ride my bike.  


So in this blog I am going to list THE TOP 5 REASONS why Riding a Bike, is the absolute best form of exercise for you and how you can reap the benefits.  


1. It's Low Impact For Your Body


This one is a biggie folks, especially for older people like myself.  The body is composed of many joints, your knee, hip, spinal cord are all associated with joints.   With "pounding" exercises, like jogging, basketball, tennis, and soccer, your joints take a bigger beating then when you ride the bike.  Bike riding is NO IMPACT.



2. It Works Your Entire Body

It's quite obvious that riding a bike will work your legs and your glutes (butt) but did you know it also works your core, triceps, shoulders, and chest?  Because of the positioning when your body is on the bike, these muscles are engaged and activated.  


3. The Bike Keeps You Young


You got that right, it keeps you younger!  We are all going to age, but as one cyclist once said, "riding the bike doesn't stop you from aging, but it will make you age gracefully. An article that my friend sent to me emphasised that CARDIO is better for you than WEIGHT LIFTING.  The reason for this is that  Cardio has a bigger impact in telomere containment.  Now, I am not going to go into the big science behind this, but I am going to keep it simple.  The telomeres, that are at the end of your chromosomes, are very important in the aging process, keeping them healthy, directly correlates to a healthier aging process.



4. Ride Indoors or Outside - You're Winning

Riding indoors has it's benefits; you avoid any traffic or inclement weather, you can watch video or play on your phone, and if you have kids or someone that you are taking care of, you can ride right next to them!  Riding Outdoors, in the right environment can be very relaxing, expose you to some sun and fresh air, and the scenery is always changing.


5. Riding a Bike is Like Taking a Drug 


Yes, you read that right, drug addicts take drugs to get "high".  But for drug addicts,  it comes with heavy cost to their body, family, and loved ones. Scientists have proven that the endorphins and dopamine, are emitted when you ride the bike, runner's refer to this as "runner's high".  When you are done with your bike ride, you are ready to conquer the world! I recommend exercising first thing in the morning, this way the rest of your day is going to be magical!

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