The Best Way for Your Child to Learn How to Ride a Bike - Balance Bike

January 6, 2019


It was early evening when my buddy Auggie and I were hanging out on his lanai.  I had just opened PK's Bike Shop and it was another evening of chatting and having a couple brewski's. We got to talking about what types of bikes PK's should carry, and that was when he literally made a huge impact on my relationship and knowledge of children and bikes. 



"You need to check out my 5 year old nephew Pauly.  He's already riding a small motorcycle!" He showed me the short video of this tiny kid SHREDDING on a motorized dirt bike, and then went on to tell me how at age 2, the young boy was given a balance bike.


"Sold! Sign me Up! Yes Please!  I'll take 20! 



Enter the Balance Bike at PK's!  I have personally seen many kids learn how to gain confidence, self esteem, and learn how to ride without training wheels in a matter of hours!  



What I like so much about the balance bike is that your child is learning in a super fun, and safe way!  They can do it inside the home, in the driveway, or on any sidewalk.  


Yep, my kid was on one at a very early age, and Max I had some epic rides when he was only 6 years old. 



Come on in and check out our assortment of kid's balance bikes.  Totally worth the investment in your child!

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