Why I Bike Inside - A Look Inside My Pain Cave

March 5, 2019



It's about 6 am at the time of writing today's blog.  I have a routine and it is quite simple.  I wake up around 5:30 am, turn my Keurig coffee maker on, and activate my Nespresso machine. 


After feeding our dog Cayde, I get to the computer and start working on my various projects before I have to get PK (Parker Kate) of PK's Bike Shop ready for the bus. 

After she gets on the bus, I grab my shaker bottle and quickly make a "green drink". 

 Now begins one of the most essential times of the day for me: I RIDE MY BIKE.

 To make life convenient, I have set up an indoor "Pain Cave" if you will.  Now this name can be deceiving since most of my bike rides to not involve "pain".  But nonetheless it does have a nice ring to it. 

There are a few reasons why I ride every morning.  At the age of 48, my metabolism is getting slower, and quite frankly I like to eat nice dinners and drink red wine occasionally. 

 My rides are anywheres from 30 to 60 mins on the average and I can burn 300 to 650 calories during each bike ride.  By the end of the ride I have created quite a bit of sweat, (which is also very good for you...that's another blog) and have jacked up my metabolic rate for the day.


That's just the physical part of it....

Now the mental.  To me it's a drug.  A highly addictive, organic and natural, drug.   When I ride in the morning, the rest of the day is generally, GOLDEN!  I am more alert, have more energy, and I even feel that I look better after that good sweat! 

Lastly, the top 3 reasons  I ride inside....

1. Convenience - My bike is setup and I can jump on it in no time.  

2. Elements - Very often in Florida it can be very windy and rainy..even sometimes cold.  I like to consistently ride, so this one keeps me going everyday.

3. Safety - PK or Parker Kate is severely mentally handicapped.  She will never develop past 5 months old.  So that means I HAVE to carry her all around the house and in stores etc.  If I fall, that could be big trouble for PK and my family.

If you want to join me and ride inside, we are here to help.  Contact us with the code word, "PKSPAINCAVE" and get a free indoor training session and 10% off any of our indoor trainers!



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